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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't Discard That Leftover Bobbin Thread

Tip of the day: At the end of any given sewing project, if we find that we have leftover, partially-full bobbins, don't unwind or discard the last of that thread. Place really small hair bands around the bobbin to hold the thread in place for the next project. Or, use Bobbin Savers. The bobbins are held in place (no more chasing them across the floor!) ready for use with the next scrappy piecing project, sew on a binding, or in the next applique project. Don't do applique? I bed you know someone who does. I love saving my bobbins in Bobbin Savers. They are flexible, making it easy to pop the bobbins in and out. I arrange my leftover bobbins in color wheel order for my applique projects. Bobbin Savers make great gifts, too, as they come in blue, lavender, and red.

Jhittle company online wholesale sewing supplies for Bobbin Savers:

Really small hair bands:

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