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Friday, March 2, 2012

Funny Story

Part I:

This weekend, my used-to-be favorite automobile salesman said to me that
quilts were just a bunch of rags. I'm going to print out this picture of
the quilt that my guild raffled off yesterday. We raise money from our
Opportunity quilt raffles to help defray costs of our local arts council,
PAC, or Pahrump Arts Council. This quilt was appraised this weekend for
$6,000.00, and we raised more than $6,000.00 in ticket sales. A lucky gal
from Las Vegas won it, two matching pillow shams, and a custom-made wooden
quilt rack. I think that the many hands that worked on this quilt made a
very pretty "rag," don't you?

You do not have to belong to FaceBook to view the picture.

Next year's quilt has been appraised at $8,000.00.


Part II

When I showed my salesman the picture of the quilt his comment was, "Whoa!
That is no rag!" I've bought all my vehicles from this dealership.
Maybe it's time my newly-artsy-educated, and-again-favorite salesman, and
his compadres, are invited to patronize our quilt show. :)


Part III, Et Finale

Well, it turns out that the joke may have been almost entirely on me. But,
I'm okay with that. There is no need to further "educate" or "inform" my
favorite automobile salesman on the art of quilting. When I relayed my
story at my quilt guild meeting this past Thursday, about what he'd said
and the picture I took in to show him, one of our more prolific quilters,
Mary, stood up in response to my story and informed us all that this
salesman is her son-in-law. Seems as if he was pulling my leg from the
get-go. What a good laugh we all had! Mary makes some beautiful quilts and
makes them often, and my salesman knows very well what she does, and he
turned a bit red and then had a very sheepish grin on his face this morning
when I confronted him (in a friendly manner!) and challenged his use of the
word, "rags," and told him that Mary and I had "outed" him at the meeting.
rofl! But, he's okay with that.

You don't have to belong to Facebook to view the picture.

One of Mary's quilts.


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