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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I know this is a longarm blog, yet ...

My first post is about an unrelated joy. We drove into town today, 45 miles over the hump from Pahrump and into Las Vegas, to McCarran International Airport, to bring home and care for my Mum's dog until Mum recovers and comes home from the hospital, we hope! In any case, we'll give Holly Dog the love and care she deserves for as long as she graces our lives. She's a Lhasa Apso, and one of the sweetest dogs that I ever met. She loves to lick toes, is escape artist extraordinaire, is a lover of toes, oh wait, I said that! lol I hope she and our other rescue dog, Gizmo, a Papillion, get along well, like sisters can do. Get well soon, Mum!

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  1. Sending prayers for your Mom. Love that dog, thanks for taking care of her!