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Monday, August 22, 2011

On the Frame

On the frame today: charity quilt. When I received this job I found that the batting was too small to use. The batting and backing should be cut 3 - 5 inches larger all around than the quilt top. I have a roll of batting so I just cut a new piece. The backing is very small, too, with only an inch of play all the way around. That's why I have the grippers aligned with only one row: I'll be quilting only one small row at a time. I won't use a very "heavy" design. Heavy designs tend to pull the quilt in toward the center and because the backing is "small" I'll need to take care that this doesn't happen. In other words, there is little "wiggle room," but I'll make it work!

Quilty hugs!


  1. Hi Debi, how I wish I am staying in your neighbourhood...then I could give you mine to quilt. How is the charges like Debi? Happy quilting . Love n hugs.

  2. Here's a link to my Pricing Spreadsheet. You don't have to live nearby, you can print the and mail it and your quilt to me. Be sure to write your full name and address and phone number on the form after you you print it out. There's a 20% discount for first quilt that you send to me. Be sure to write that on the form, as well, as a reminder to me! :)